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Eglass Premier Series

Razr Eglass Premier Series bringing you the most extensive line of Eglass rods in the industry. Low Modulus full flex tapers with moderate actions only Eglass can offer. Our extensive design in the engineering of the super fine Eglass material gives you so much more than the average glass rod. Our weight and balance on this series giving you the power and proven mastered design is one of our greatest accomplishments in this series. Covering all types of actions for the ultimate Crankbait rod we offer our line in the most popular baitcasting rods as well as several models in spinning to bring you a versatile technique in presentation. We have developed the ultimate soft action in 7 ft rods in Medium for the shallow water baits as well as Medium Heavy in our deeper diver models. Razr Eglass is responsive to the softest bite and absorbs the hit so it is the ultimate in hook set ability. In the design and engineering of this series we bring you power in the rear section of the rod and full flex tapers designed for all your specialty needs. This series again is the most extensive offering on the market. Complimenting this series with the light weight machined stainless frames with CNC machined rings to bring you performance you can count on. AAA grade cork handles and graphite cushioned reel seats come standard on this series.


Razr Rodz

Premier Trolling Series

Razr Eglass Trolling Series we bring you the latest designed and engineered models for all types of walleye and gamefish trolling. From the ultimate finesse flat line presentations to midrange trolling, Razr Rodz offers you the same technology as our Eglass Premier Series but with even more options for trolling. Extending the series to 7 ft 6-inch models you get the feel and length needed for your specialty trolling needs. Our Razr Heavy line is complimented with great power in the lower section as well as having a soft enough tip in the top third of the rod to bring you great planer board performance. This rod is not only popular for Walleye but also on the Great Lakes for Coho and Steelhead.  Extending our Engineering Designs to some big water presentations we will be offering an additional 8 ft collapsible model to give you even more options and larger planer board presentations. Moderate actions, again in the 8 ft slider model allows you ease of transport in your boats and travel. All actions come with trigger seats, the CNC machined guides, and AAA grade cork handles. Razr Eglass Trolling Series covers everything from the softest trolling presentation or flat line to the big water trolling presentation.


Razr Rodz

Edge Platinum Series

Razr Edge Platinum Series brings you lightweight, high modulus material with the latest Increased Hoop Strength technology. So, in standard language to bring you into what that engineering actually offers you are these fine points. High Modulus Material with thinner wall diameter, faster actions and finer tapers which allows you more sensitivity and power. Graphite runs lengthwise and responds with more sensitivity, hook setting and power due to the manufacturing design.  This series is the backbone of our engineering development.   Available in the most popular lengths and actions covering all types of freshwater fishing techniques from jigging, drop shot, plugging, tube presentations, spinner bait, bladed jigs, even lots of live bait applications for the walleye anglers as well as drop shot techniques. Many of these actions can be also used for striper, trophy pike, lake trout, as well as all your bass techniques as this series is popular to many Professional Bass Anglers all over the world.  Our design with the vast array of actions has been developed over 3 decades of proven engineering to give you top quality and performance you can rely on with  the latest materials and components on the market to enhance all your specific presentation needs. We have matched this special Professional Series with our Custom-Made Splash Black and Silver cushioned stainless hood reel seats, Machined Stainless Frame guides with CNC machined stainless rings, and AAA Cork Handles. High Modulus Sensitivity combined with the finest components bring this series to the top of the leader board.


Razr Rodz

Edge Series

Razr Edge Series is our largest high-quality line and longest running series for Razr Rodz.  The rod technology is our mid modulus high strain graphite series.  This series is no sleeper to high quality offerings, its known for its great high-quality value and durability. From the softest Trout actions, to all Bass actions and powers, Walleye, Pike, Striper and all Panfish models, our Razr Edge line gives you a moderately priced rod with lots of high quality features as in our other lines of Premium Rods. Razr Edge Series is a multi-function use on models that lets you “feel the edge” with sensitivity with quality components and the best value on the market period.  GLS standard scrim cloth with mid modulus high strain graphite fibers keeps your actions fast and have great response and durability for your fishing presentations.  Many Tournament Anglers love this series as the bass actions are sensitive and powerful with their streamlined guide systems on the casting rods. Spin rods for tubes and drop shot have been a staple for many years keeping this series a best seller in the industry. Value packed rods with proven design for decades brings this series as a true value.  Machined Stainless Frame Guides, with CNC machined rings still come standard on this quality series. AAA Cork Handles with cushioned black stainless hood reel seats as well come standard. A lot of value and quality design in this Razr Edge Series.  


Razr Rodz

Inshore Series

Razr Rodz is a leading force in technology and engineering design. Release of the Razr Inshore Series boasts sensitivity and power with the most popular actions and sizes. The Razr Inshore series is designed with our own proprietary carbon high modulus material with increased hoop strength technology with uni-directional design. This design gives you more carbon material and less resin featuring the ultimate power.  We cover models for Speckled Trout, Redfish, Snook, Bull Redfish, all types of Grouper, Cobia and even Bonefish and Permit. Our Med Heavy has the power for lite bottom fishing for snapper and grouper in moderate depth waters. The unique scrim material keeps the rods light weight and super powerful not only on the hookset but with the lifting power on the bull redfish and grouper.

Reel Seats are thin line design with KV-Tech inserts with cushioned hood technology.  All the threaded double locking rings are double anodized to keep the them durable in saltwater use. The guides are Titanium Coated PVD to resist the tough Saltwater Conditions, Black on Black in color. AAA grade cork grips come standard on this series with a black EVA butt cap for comfort and light weight.

Actions in this series are Fast Action with extra material in the rear section of the rods.

7’0 Med Action    Softest action of the 5 models, Great for Shrimp, Small Jigs, floats, rattle baits, power bait and lures for Speckled Trout and smaller Redfish, Bonefish and Mangrove Snapper

7’0 Med Heavy Action Main uses for Larger Speckled trout, Redfish, Snook, larger jigs, Popping Corks, Shrimp and more casting to fish with jigs, lures, power bait and perfect for crab fishing for Permit.

7’6 Med Lite Action   Finesse and great distance casting rod. Jigs, Floats, power baits, for Speckled Trout and also Redfish. Great for Bonefish and live presentations.

7’6 Med Action   Picking up the power again more than the 7’0 models gives you lots of in shore options and presentations. Several baits and live techniques can be used. Great for Redfish, Bull Redfish, Snapper, and large Permit.  Powerful tapers provide great sensitivity and hook set on all techniques.

7’6 Med Heavy Action LOTS OF POWER great for Bull Reds, Lots of grouper, snapper, big Permit and Cobia in all inshore applications. We upsized the guides on the stripping side to allow larger reels with more line capacity and further casts. Even can be used in lite saltwater reef fishing and flats fishing for smaller Tarpon. This rod is loaded with POWER, LOTS OF POWER in this design.

World-class rods made of the finest components.

Our rods are made in the USA with the finest components available and come with a lifetime warranty.

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