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At Razr Rodz, we offer a variety of fishing trolling rods designed for excellent handling and ultimate precision. Designed by professionals, our trolling rods offer the perfect blend of forgiveness, strength, and finesse. Whether you fish the Great Lakes or large bays, Razr Rodz provides the best trolling rods available for catching:


Our fishing trolling rods are offered in a variety of lengths and actions depending on your line. Made for long days on the shore or the boat, our lightweight rods are made with AAA cork grips for a comfortable hold and stainless steel guides for lasting quality. 

Created to complement the perfect trolling lure, these tournament trolling rods offer advanced construction with our patented, high-quality graphite blanks. Their long handles allow for secure mounting with most any fishing rod holder. Our fishing trolling rods are handmade specifically for avid and competitive anglers.

  • Walleye Trolling

    from $289.00


World-class rods made of the finest components.

Our rods are made in the USA with the finest components available and come with a lifetime warranty.

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