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What is the Most Difficult Fish to Catch?

As fishing enthusiasts, we all have that one fish on our list of dream catches. More often than not, that one fish is also the hardest fish to catch. The Hardest Fish to Catch In case you’re looking to add more challenges to your list, let’s go over the different types of fish anglers across […]

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How Fishing Rods Are Made

Fishing rods have been around for thousands of years and while technological advances have certainly revolutionized the industry and the sport as we know it, the overall concept of the fishing rod really hasn’t changed all that much in that time. Yes, of course today’s best fishing rods are far more intricate and precise than […]

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Post-Spawn Bass Tactics for Lake Champlain

By mid-July the magical Lake Champlain spawn is winding down, and the fish are transitioning to their summer patterns. At this time of year, it is easy to develop post-spawn bass tactics to successfully catch large and smallmouth bass with any spinning fishing rod. Since these fish have not committed to their deeper summer ledges […]

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