21 Dec

As fishing enthusiasts, we all have that one fish on our list of dream catches. More often than not, that one fish is also the hardest fish to catch.

The Hardest Fish to Catch

In case you’re looking to add more challenges to your list, let’s go over the different types of fish anglers across the country and the world deem some of the hardest to catch, where to find them and the best way to catch them.

Catching a Wahoo

A type of mackerel, a wahoo is also commonly called an ono in Hawaii, or by the popular nickname, a hoo. They are predatory in nature and, because of their sharp teeth, they’re able to devour fish larger than themselves. Typically found along the Gulf Stream, these warm-water fish prefer depths of 30 to 40 fathoms. What makes these fish so fun to catch is their high speeds and pack mentality—not to mention, they make an excellent meal!

The best way to catch wahoo is through a variety of trolling methods, preferably high-speed trolling to cover large swathes of water quickly. 


Catching a Blue Marlin

Among one of the biggest fish in the world, blue marlin females can get up to nearly 2,000 pounds, making them an exciting challenge for fishing tournaments and individual conquests alike. 

Fishing for blue marlin is often described as “hours of boredom interrupted by seconds of sheer terror.” Once a blue marlin gets caught on your line, they give one heck of a fight, so be ready!

Like wahoos, trolling is an effective method to catch these trophy fish, but it’s best to catch your own bait, hook it up and throw it back in. 

Catching a Tarpon

Known as the “Silver King,” tarpons have forced their way in as Florida’s premier gamefish because of their sheer strength, stamina and fighting ability. Coming in at up to 8 feet long and weighing up to 280 pounds, tarpons have very large eyes and excellent vision; however, fishing for them at night gives fishermen an opportunity to fool them.

Tarpons can be found all along the Florida coast as well as around the coastal town of Brunswick, Georgia. Methods like casting, drifting, still fishing and trolling have all proven to be effective in hooking these feisty fish.


Catching a Permit

Coming in a little smaller than the big game fish we’ve discussed so far, permits make up for what they lack in length with their elusiveness. With their great power, speed and uncanny ability to change direction on a dime, catching a permit is among some anglers’ greatest achievements.

Most commonly found in South Florida/Florida Keys, permits usually hang around shallow, tropical grass and sand flats.

The most popular method for catching permit is spinning or baitcasting; however, catching them on the fly can take your expedition to another level.

Catching a Brown Trout

When you think of trout, you might not think of a trophy fish. But for hardcore river anglers, the reclusive brown trout is among the wiliest and challenging opponents they face. Coming in at just about 40 pounds, these popular game fish offer more of a hunting expedition experience than most other game fish. 

The best way to catch a brown trout almost always depends on who you ask. For some, fly fishing is the only way to catch a brown trout, but other methods like trolling and baitcasting have proven successful.



Going after the biggest (or trickiest) fish is what makes some of us anglers tick. But whether or not you go after big game fish, winning the fight with a formidable opponent is always worth the effort.

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