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Designs and Blanks  are made of a proprietary high modulus material with unidirectional layup boasting power and flex for the utmost performance. This process is made with increased hoop strength technology which provides thinner wall diameter and more sensitivity without losing any strength. Our experienced team of 38 years this September in rod design, engineering the flex, tapers and power with utmost sensitivity.  Quality you can depend on.

Guides are PVD Coated to resist the corrosion the salt and brackish waters bring. CNC machined Rings press fit into the machined stainless frames are far superior than the standard insert rings. Standard Rings like Hioloy, Ceramic, SIC or other rings glued into the frames do eventually have the possibility of coming out of the frames creating failure and damage to the line or Braid .   Our choice of components is extremely important as we engineer the designs to last without failures. On all our Inshore rods we use the finest PVD coated guides on the market.

Our reel seat choice is again a winner with the texillium insert giving you light weight and sensitivity glued right to the rod blank. Our graphite frame is thin, and holds the inshore reels without wobble and topped off with  double machined twice anodized aircraft aluminum locking nuts. One locking nut locks the hood and the other locking nut secures no lose rings while fighting your inshore fish. Benefits are lightweight, sensitivity , and great choice of design for the inshore series. All 7 ft rods come with Silver locking nuts and the 7’6 models come with Cobalt Blue locking nuts.

Cork Grade on our inshore series is AAA grade with our Closed Cell Foam Butt Cap to resist corrosion and damage by saltwater also giving you light weight and comfortable feel.

  • RAZR – INSHORE Series

    from $429.00

    Need an Inshore rod that can feel a sea trout yet still land a 25LB red! this is the rod you are looking for! Brand new for 2020 our new Inshore fishing rods have superior sensitivity and all the back bone you will need! Feel the difference!


World-class rods made of the finest components.

Our rods are made in the USA with the finest components available and come with a lifetime warranty.

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