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The Razr Edge our flagship rod! 14 years of engineering and success! give it a shot! The Edge Casting Series is a great freshwater rod for landing Bass, Crappie, Sunfish and Catfish. If you’ve never used a Razr Rod before, this is the one that’s sure to get you hooked.

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5'6" Medium 6-10 lb. test, 5'6" Medium Heavy 8-15 lb. test, 6'0" Medium Lite 6-10 lb. test, 6'0" Medium 8-12 lb test, 6'0" Medium Heavy 8-17 lb. test, 6'0" Heavy 12-20 lb test, 6'6" Medium 8-15 lb test, 6'6" Medium Heavy 8-17 lb test, 6'6" Heavy 12-20 lb test, 7'0" Medium Lite 8-15 lb. test, 7'0" Medium 8-15 lb test, 7'0" Medium Heavy 10-17 lb test, 7'0" Heavy 12-20 lb test, 7'0" Heavy 15-30 lb. test, 7'0" Extra Heavy 15-30 lb. test, 7'6" Medium Lite 8-12 lb. test, 7'6" Medium 8-15 lb. test, 7'6" Medium Heavy 10-17 lb. test, 8'0" Heavy 15-30 lb. test

World-class rods made of the finest components.

Our rods are made in the USA with the finest components available and come with a lifetime warranty.

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