RAZR Classic Casting Series


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Brand New for 2022 Razr Classic Line

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Regular, 5'6 Medium Cast, 5'6 MEDHEV Cast, 6'0 MEDLT Cast Class, 6'0 Medium Cast, 6'0 MEDHVY Cast, 6'6 MEDLIT Class, 6'6 Medium Cast, 6'6 MEDHVY Cast, 7'0 MEDLIT Cast, 7'0 Medium Cast, 7'0 MEDHVY Cast, 7'0 Heavy Cast, 6'6 HEAVY Cast, 7'6 MEDLT Cast, 7'6 MEDHVY Cast, 7'6 Heavy Cast, 6'0 Lite Class, 6'6 Lite Cast, 5'6 Lite Classic Cast, 7'6 Med Classic Cast

World-class rods made of the finest components.

Our rods are made in the USA with the finest components available and come with a lifetime warranty.

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