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40 years of engineering with Razr’s innovative designs leads this fine series into the next generation of the highest quality rods in the industry. High modulus proprietary high strain carbon fiber with unique layout patterns provides ultra-power, sensitivity and unmatched feel in your Razr Classic rod series. Using our expertise in design running the premium carbon twill NOT TAPE into the design brings you a super fast action with great hook setting ability. In Addition to all the features listed above, the NEW carbon core design boasts extra feel like you have not seen before. This high quality Razr Classic Series comes standard with a carbon reel seat with  PVD coated CNC machined Stainless steel marine grade guides, AAA cork grips compliment this line. Feel the difference! 

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Brand New for 2022 the Classic Rod. the Rod for everything!

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5'0 Lite Spin Class, 5'6 ULite Classic Spin, 5'6 Lite Spin Class, 5'6 Medium Spin Class, 5'6 MEDHVY Spin Class, 6'0 ULite Classic Spin, 6'0 Lite Spin Class, 6'6 Lite Spin Class, 6'0 MEDLT Spin Class, 6'0 Medium Spin Class, 6'0 MEDHVY, 6'6 MEDLIT, 6'6 MED Spin Class, 6'6 MEDHVY Spin Class, 6'6 Heavy Spin Class, 7'0 Medium Spin Class, 7'0 MEDLIT Spin Class, 7'0 MEDHVY Spin Class, 7'0 Heavy Spin Class, 7'6 MEDLIT Spin Class, 7'6 MED Spin Class, 7'6 MEDHVY

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